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Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) exists to transform the health and wellbeing of our communities. As the largest regional medical research institute in Australia, since 1998 our groundbreaking work has changed the lives of so many.

We could never have done it alone. HMRI has been about collaboration from day one, when a group of world-class researchers, health professionals and community leaders created an organisation to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. The unique partnership with our local health district, university and community, has enabled us to punch above our weight and work together in agile ways to tackle the biggest health issues of our time.

We remain focused on innovation and medical research that’s relevant to everyday life. Our world leading experts collaborate across multi-disciplinary teams with one goal: to help our community be healthier and live their best lives.

We’re working in the lab and beyond. We’re thinking long term. We’re always listening and learning from our community to help us shape our research priorities, so we can make sure we’re providing impact where it’s needed most.

At HMRI, every day we’re taking healthy further.